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07 November 2009 @ 11:12 pm
Now taking blinkie/icon requests....  
I'm mostly tired, and a little sore, but feeling better, I think. I am still drowning in homework that is going to take a miracle to complete, and bills that are likewise, but the excruciating pain has mostly past.

Because I am the queen of procrastination, and always looking for something to do, even when I already have 50 million things, and I'm looking for a bit of distraction/fun, and these bite-sized graphics are a good fit. So, for an indefinite length of time, I am taking requests for the following:

1) Signature blinkies - personalized or general. (see my left sidebar, even though I didn't make all of those)

* I :heart: ????
* Due in [Month]
* zodiac sign
* Breastfeeding/Other parenting milestone
* Sports teams
* Whatever you can think of...

2) Icons
Must be 100x100, under 40k, preferably not animated, but exceptions can be made.

* Same subjects as above
* Actor/Actesses
* Quotes
* Pop culture (ie. Starbucks)
* Stock Images
* Whatever you can think of...

I can google images for icons, or you can provide me with 2-3 to choose from.
Limit a total of 3 blinkies/icons per person, unless there are no pending requests, then you can place another order after your previous order is filled.

Samples of previous work available upon request.

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